Thoughts on a Parisian Subculture

For a long time, I identified as a “third culture kid”.

A third-culture-kid, as defined by my guru Clotaire Rapaille, a reverred anthropologist and marketing expert, is -even uncounsciously- the ambassador of a global culture. They speak more than three languages fluently, have friends in major cities, and move from hub to hub (cities interconnected with other major cities).

I thought I would be able to find this third culture anywhere in hubs, till I moved to Paris. There, even though I reconnected with my life-long friends, I felt more Mexican than French.

I Uncovered a Whole Parisian Subculture

The subculture of high-educated, white-collar, intramuros city-cat…

How to incubate the Agility mindset accross your organization

I pitched at AXA Software Engineering Summit on March 19th about Agility. Here is the transcript.

0. My observation of the Agile buzz 👀

I have been working at the IT department since 2 years now. My role makes me interact a lot with the business.

Everyday in meetings or the open space, I hear people talk about pizza team, PO, scrum, SME, DevOps a hundred times a day.

Si l’on me presse de dire pourquoi je l’aimais, je sens que cela ne peut s’exprimer qu’en répondant : Parce que c’était lui, parce que c’était moi.

Et à notre première rencontre, qui se fit par hasard au milieu d’une foule de gens, lors d’une grande fête dans une ville, nous nous trouvâmes tellement conquis l’un par l’autre, comme si nous nous connaissions déjà, et déjà tellement liés, que plus rien dès lors ne nous fut aussi proche que ne le fut l’un pour l’autre. ».

(Montaigne, Essais, livre 1, chapitre 28).

Je ne peux pas expliquer mon amour pour eux. Mais je sais pourquoi je les admire.

L’engagement faillible

La cause qu’ils soutiennent leur est si chère…

Launching an insurance e-commerce product in less than 6 months with no budget for marketing research, surveys, UX design, and a newly assembled team.

Mexico City, 2015. I was taking over my second job in an insurance company, after a year as consultant in a strategic design consulting firm. On my first day, my boss told me my mission was to build and launch an insurance e-commerce product in less than 6 months.

I had no budget for marketing research, surveys or UX design. I had no team either, nor a clue about what an insurance product or coverage was, how it was priced, who operated it. I didn’t know the Mexican market so well… and even less the insurance sector.

But I was…

Why we succeeded with Agile development and what we should have done better. From concept to launch in 6 sprints.

After running 6 sprints to release an e-commerce insurance product, I made a case study of our journey with Agile methodology and presented the key success factors to the Executive Committee, as well our mistakes.

In this article, I describe how I switched from Project Leader to Product Owner, and detail the various challenges, from defining a Minimum Viable Product to setting conditions to be Agile in an organization where this methodology was new and mostly unknown.

(1) The key success factors in Agile development

Much more than a Saturday school, it’s a happiness therapy !

Alice Zagury — CEO The Family

You have probably heard that Lion is THE hype saturday-training for the curious ones to be equipped with reflexes to navigate through the chaotic start-up ecosystem.

To me, Lion is much more than a school : behind the various talks from inspiring entrepreneurs or charismatic key employees from, Heetch, iBanFirst, and much more, I discovered amazing people, who believe in strong values, and who shared their secrets to succeed like a boss.

Who are the Lions ?

What is the typical Lion ‘persona’ ? I have noticed 3 kinds of Sun Session Lion.

Charlotte Mallo

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